• Accounting & Taxation

    We are registered Tax Practitioners with SAIT, members of two professional regulatory bodies and use sepcialised software such as Pastel, VIP and Wintax

  • Free initial consultation

    We offer a free inital consulation to businesses within Gauteng and look forward to hearing about your business.

  • Financial accounting

    Financial Accounting provides a company with the tools to make informed financial decisions

  • Tax Consulting

    Smart tax planning helps entrepreneurs document their expenses, make better business decisions during the year

About us

Business owners are continuously faced with ever changing tax law and regulatory paperwork. Helping business owners find relief and recognize areas between managing a business and managing their time is a foundation for that balance. Our commitment to professionalism and focus on service excellence extends to all our clients. We believe this makes us a successful company with clients who value us as much as we value them. This requires open communication to reach an understanding of the clients' unique needs, through research, and sound analysis. Hallmark Accounting is dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism. Our clients are individuals and Small and Medium Business Enterprises in a diverse range of industries. Over many years we have developed strong bonds and ties with all of our clients, based on ethics, dillligence, professionalism and communication.

Our entire model is based on providing businesses with cost effective accounting and management solutions and being their trusted advisor. We focus on providing business management, consulting, accounting and taxation services to the business entrepreneur. Your business benefits from having our seasoned professionals take charge of time consuming administrative and accounting duties giving you the ability to focus on what counts, growing your business. Your business benefits with lower labor, overhead and operating costs while receiving an unprecedented level of professional support. Our fixed cost subscription-based model is cost efficient, provides superior quality output and gives you the on-call expertise your business deserves.

Our perpetual mission at Hallmark Accounting is to provide our clients with unparalleled service quality, tools and knowledge. Our philosophy focuses on our clients’ unique needs while our service and technical expertise sets our organization apart. We take pride in our clients and our profession. We care about our work, communities and one another.

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